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Why Disruptive Technology is proving to be Dangerous !

Statistics reveal why vaping has become dangerous to relevant bodies , and why there is a lot of politics and uproar when it comes to electronic cigarettes.

Vaping has disrupted Big Tobacco .2018 saw the tobacco industry take a huge $127 billion USD hit. British American Tobacco lost half its stock market value. Altria and Philip Morris lost around 30 percent. Imperial Brands lost around a quarter, and Japan Tobacco lost around 20 percent. Big Tobacco’s profits have been rocked by the growing popularity of e-cigarettes . It comes as no surprise that tobacco companies opposed e cigarettes at first, and some continue to do so to this day. The market’s sudden recognition that the cigarette industry seems to be in serious trouble, disrupted by the rise of vaping. While the tobacco companies can get into the vaping business, their own vape pens tend to be money losers.

Big Pharma is also aware of the future & potential of vaping and is terrified by this. Perhaps because they were late to discover and implement this technology. Personally I honestly believe all this noise and mixed messages on vaping are all down to MONEY ! Common sense alone will tell you a smoker is better off vaping than smoking,but somehow Big Pharma & the W.H.O seem to tell us the opposite! How can you risk the lives of Billions of smokers? What could be the reason if not money ?Pharmaceutical companies with names like Johnson & Johnson, Squibb, and GlaxoSmithKline make billions of dollars from the misfortunes of the sick and dying. They make their money from drug sales, predominately, but they dabble in other markets, as well. One of these markets is the highly profitable area of nicotine replacement therapies.

Until vaping hit the scene, stop smoking aids like “the patch” and nicotine gums and lozenges were one of Big Pharma’s most profitable sidelines. But consumers saw these products as somewhat unreliable in helping to overcome smoking, largely due to what scientists call an addiction to oral fixation.

It’s hard to trust the World health Organization. It is hard to believe the World Health Organization (WHO) doesn’t put the highest priority on determining and implementing the best practices for demonstrating transparency and for managing conflicts of interest — real or perceived — with the pharmaceutical industry. Of course you are aware that Big Pharma contributes billions to the World Health Organization right ? Anyway I guess you can tell where I’m going with this.. follow the money! Does is shock you that Big Pharma and W.H.O stance on vaping is 100% identical? This is why the WH.O FCTC absolutely does not tolerate debate on vaping and e-cigs ! The make the rest of us who back harm reduction seem like foolish paid agitators, almost like we’re deluded…

Governments who generate revenue from inflated cigarette taxes are reluctant to lose revenue by endorsing vaping. It’s a shame really that the order of the day is money over lives.In conclusion, tobacco control organizations’ existence is threatened by the disruptive technology that is vaping ! We as harm reduction advocates continue the fight despite all these challenges.

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