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Seychelles is set to introduce new regulations legalizing the sale, manufacture and distribution of vapor products. These regulations will classify alternative nicotine products under the tobacco control law, legalizing ecigs following a recent approval by the Cabinet Ministers. Seychelles’ 2009 Tobacco Control Act prohibited the sale, manufacture and importation of “lookalike” tobacco products , vapor products included.

Under the new regulations, alternative nicotine delivery systems will be classified as tobacco products so that all provisions in the Seychelles tobacco control law will extend to their manufacture, distribution, sale and use. This is wonderful to see legislators consider the health smokers in their country while drafting policy . Vaping had been banned in Seychelles , a country with about 12,100 smokers according to the tobacco Atlas .The Government of Seychelles offered no viable cessation services prior to this new regulations, so most smokers looking to quit had to quit cold turkey .

The Seychelles became a Party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on February 27, 2005, and smoking is prohibited on all public transportation, all enclosed public places and workplaces, with the one limited exception of hotel guestrooms.

In the fight against smoking, informed regulations remains key. Let us hope that more countries in Africa where vaping is outlawed , for example Uganda,can learn from Seychelles .

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